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No one really expects to have to learn how to become "hospital parents." When Logan was born, we learned what that entailed. Often, parents in the hospital must face difficult decisions not only regarding their child's medical treatment, but also concerning how to stay afloat financially. These constant decisions must be made all while concurrently providing emotional support, love, book reading, and snuggles to your child who needs you so badly.


During Logan's lengthy hospital stays, we came across many families who were struggling daily to pay their bills. We overheard so many conversations regarding one or both parents deciding to return to work to decrease the risks of losing their home, having their heat turned off, or being unable to afford groceries for their other children. Parents must often make the heartbreaking decision to return to work, leaving their child alone in the hospital, in order to satisfy these normal life expenses.


Logan was fortunately never without a parent or family member to support and comfort him; we don't think other children should have to be alone during such a difficult and scary time either. Our mission is simple. Logan's Never Be Alone Foundation is a non-profit foundation that aims to provide financial assistance to hospital parents, so that they may comfort their children and be more involved in their everyday medical care. 


If there are fewer empty chairs next to the hospital beds of fearfully alone children, and more parents able to be present for snuggling and comfort, then we will be on our way to fulfilling Logan's legacy. 

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Logan's Never Be Alone Foundation, Inc.

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Logan, age 2

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